Melissa and Luke are married.

June 02, 2017  •  1 Comment

So I've known Melissa for YEARS, and had the pleasure of photographing her for her senior photos... and now I have been blessed by being her wedding photographer.  

Let's start with the engagement session. This was the first time I had met Luke, but he was everything I had imagined Melissa would fall in love with.  He's charming.  He's funny.  He's energetic.  She did well when she found him.  I think they make an amazing couple.  Here's a shot from their engagement session... and from it, I should have known the wedding was going to be amazing.

engagement in ConwayLuke and Melissa during their engagement session in Conway, AR.

Jump forward to May 20, 2017.  I pull into Robinson and Center Church of Christ in Conway, Arkansas and as I enter the building, I can't find a soul... but I can hear them.  I hear laughter traveling down a hallway. I follow it until I find the people I'm searching for. Melissa is in her dressing room with some of the funniest brides maids I've ever worked with. Luke, was around the corner with his guys.  Everybody was relaxed.  Guys shooting hoops in the rec room. The ladies were putting on makeup. It was the typical pre-wedding scene that I love to photograph. 
The ceremony was true to their nature, with outbursts of laughter and genuine love.  The best was the Star Wars music to which they exited the ceremony.  MADE. MY. DAY.
I joined them at Centennial Valley Country Club for the reception... and that is where so many of these shots are from.  It was an evening filled with friends and family who were genuinely thrilled for the bride and groom. I want to go back and enjoy that evening all over again.
Congratulations guys and I hope you enjoy your wedding photographs for years and years.


Beautiful Bride / Handsome Husband: such a sweet ceremony and fun reception. Xoxo
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