It's the story that keeps me coming back.

June 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

If you look around the internet... say on a Google image search... or Pinterest... or any social media platform, you will see that there is a huge movement in wedding photography to find things to photograph that will inspire others to follow suit. To get others to retweet your image. To get others to share it on Facebook. To get tons of people to pin it on Pinterest. Cool little crafty ideas. Cute shots of inanimate objects and decorations. Those are awesome. Those are amazing and those are items that the couple has put a ton of thought and work into and deserve to be photographed and shared.

However, let me tell you why I LOVE doing what I do. This photo, is to me, the entire story of this incredible wedding in one tiny sliver of the day. One frame that tells the whole thing. A story about two people in love. Two people who are not alone. This to me, is a photo that shows how life should be. These three are amazing and it was my honor to be involved in their day... and being present to document moments such as this... when the daughter is included in the marriage... is why I love doing this.  You have a story.  I want to tell it.


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