A few things I do not know:  How much laundry detergent I should actually use, why anyone would choose to drink non-alcoholic beer, or how guys keep dating Taylor Swift.  


Here are some things I do happen to know:

1.   I'm John Blair, I'm married, have four kids, three dog (Jordy, Lola and Birdie), three cats (Todd, Marie and Tim) and I love to hunt.

2.   I'm pretty decent at what I do.

3.   I'm even better at what I do when the client trusts me to do my job.

4.   Your story is why I show up.

5.   I show up.  Regardless.  I've shot with the flu.  I've shot with a sprained ankle.  You don't pay me to whine.  You pay me to work.

6.   I'd love to speak with you about your desires for your wedding day.

7.   If you have questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

8    Wedding planners are awesome, but I REQUIRE a relationship with my clients.  A lack of a relationship shows in the final photographs.  There must be a connection and that cannot be achieved when having to always go through the planner.

9.    I cannot wait to amaze you.

10.  I cannot wait to be amazed by you.  My couples always amaze me.  They are why I love what I do.


   Please feel free to let me know if there is anything you ever need. Also, check out our Facebook page, facebook.com/blairphotography to keep up with our latest and greatest.