Blair Photography: Blog en-us Blair Photography 2020 (Blair Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Blair Photography: Blog 120 80 Getting Engaged? It's that time of year!  Engagements are everywhere.  If you are the one who is planning to pop the question, give me a call, we can set up so that I can document the event.  It's one of the coolest things on the planet to witness.  

Are you already engaged?  Give me a call and let's discuss your wedding plans and get you on the books.  Listen, I know there we all have the friend who will shoot your wedding for free... and as I've seen numerous times from brides who got what they paid for, the results are not worth the savings.  Don't let your wedding day be an experiment for someone who got a new camera.  


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Casting call for the hunter and/or huntress. Those who know me, know that there is no place that makes me happier... than the woods during autumn.  I love to hunt.  I love the outdoors.  So I'm putting out a call for a model, for a photo shoot to celebrate the outdoorsman, the hunter, the sportsman of yesterday.  Before everything was so commercialized.  When hunting was about putting food on the table.  When hunting and guns were traditions that were handed down from one generation to the next. 

So send an email to [email protected] and let me know why you'd be the perfect model.  This is open to men and women who love to hunt.... birds, deer, squirrels, rabbit ... whatever.  I am looking for someone who wants to help preserve their own hunting traditions.  Have your grandpa's old Buffalo Plaid hunting jacket?  Even better.  


the American hunterThe outdoorsman is still alive and thriving.

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Read, Mountain Home Bombers, Class of 2018 I first met Read when he was performing in a theater production several years ago. He is talented, genuine, humble, funny as can be ... and above all else, dedicated to helping others and he has a true sense of calling to follow a path of ministry. All in all... Read is pretty cool. It was an honor to have him as one of my Senior Reps for 2017-2018.

If you're considering having me shoot your senior portraits, track him or one of the other reps down and ask for a card. When you present the card to me, you will receive a discount code giving you and your family 20% off your print orders.

Read and I discussed how, in life, we sometimes find ourselves sitting on the sidelines, trying to get a game plan together. This is our attempt to tell that story. Here's how Read finds out what the plan is.  

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It's the story that keeps me coming back. If you look around the internet... say on a Google image search... or Pinterest... or any social media platform, you will see that there is a huge movement in wedding photography to find things to photograph that will inspire others to follow suit. To get others to retweet your image. To get others to share it on Facebook. To get tons of people to pin it on Pinterest. Cool little crafty ideas. Cute shots of inanimate objects and decorations. Those are awesome. Those are amazing and those are items that the couple has put a ton of thought and work into and deserve to be photographed and shared.

However, let me tell you why I LOVE doing what I do. This photo, is to me, the entire story of this incredible wedding in one tiny sliver of the day. One frame that tells the whole thing. A story about two people in love. Two people who are not alone. This to me, is a photo that shows how life should be. These three are amazing and it was my honor to be involved in their day... and being present to document moments such as this... when the daughter is included in the marriage... is why I love doing this.  You have a story.  I want to tell it.

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Tom and Emily got married... three years ago. It is no secret, I LOVE my Springfield brides and grooms. Three years ago today, I was in Springfield working with an amazing couple and their friends. This group of bridesmaids and groomsmen kept me moving. It was perfect. Sincerely.  I cannot think of anything that could have gone smoother.  

Tom and Emily allowed me to have access to their entire day, and were great at ignoring my presence.  I was able to get photos that really told their story without having a ton of overly posed stuff.  They felt comfortable enough to just be themselves and go on about their day.  It was photography heaven for me.
Here are a few shots from their beautiful wedding.

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Class of 2018, it's your turn! The class of 2017 has had their day... and now it is time for the new seniors... the graduation class of 2018 to have their day.  One of my favorite things to do is to photograph high school seniors.  It's an opportunity to learn about who he or she really is and help showcase that for all the world to appreciate.

Oh, and unlike some photographers, I won't put my studio name on all your prints.  That's just a tacky, outdated thing to do.

Give me a call and book your session.  Book it in June or July and save 10% off any option... and I'll give you a code for 20% off print orders.

Call 870-425-7671 and let's get you on the calendar.  If you want to see more, check out our Facebook page, or here..  Senior Portraits on

Arkansas Senior PortraitPhoto of Katie, class of 2016, Mountain Home High School. Sr. Portraits.

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Lauren & Jordan I love it when couples trust me to photograph their wedding... and that love is compounded when I am hired by friends.  It's a special kind of day when you're working for/with friends that you adore.  Such is the case with Lauren and Jordan, who were married two years ago today.  Lauren is the daughter of Ben and Laura, both friends of mine.  For them to include me in the day really felt like I was loved.

The weather wasn't 100% cooperative on this day, two years ago, but it ended up giving us great skies for the ceremony.  Here are two shots from that gorgeous exchange of vows.

Ozarks WeddingLauren and Jordan married under dramatic skies in Arkansas. Ozarks WeddingLauren and Jordan married under dramatic skies in Arkansas.

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Melissa and Luke are married. So I've known Melissa for YEARS, and had the pleasure of photographing her for her senior photos... and now I have been blessed by being her wedding photographer.  

Let's start with the engagement session. This was the first time I had met Luke, but he was everything I had imagined Melissa would fall in love with.  He's charming.  He's funny.  He's energetic.  She did well when she found him.  I think they make an amazing couple.  Here's a shot from their engagement session... and from it, I should have known the wedding was going to be amazing.

engagement in ConwayLuke and Melissa during their engagement session in Conway, AR.

Jump forward to May 20, 2017.  I pull into Robinson and Center Church of Christ in Conway, Arkansas and as I enter the building, I can't find a soul... but I can hear them.  I hear laughter traveling down a hallway. I follow it until I find the people I'm searching for. Melissa is in her dressing room with some of the funniest brides maids I've ever worked with. Luke, was around the corner with his guys.  Everybody was relaxed.  Guys shooting hoops in the rec room. The ladies were putting on makeup. It was the typical pre-wedding scene that I love to photograph. 
The ceremony was true to their nature, with outbursts of laughter and genuine love.  The best was the Star Wars music to which they exited the ceremony.  MADE. MY. DAY.
I joined them at Centennial Valley Country Club for the reception... and that is where so many of these shots are from.  It was an evening filled with friends and family who were genuinely thrilled for the bride and groom. I want to go back and enjoy that evening all over again.
Congratulations guys and I hope you enjoy your wedding photographs for years and years.

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Happy Anniversary, Leslie and Mason! Wow, it is hard to believe that five years have passed since Leslie and Mason were married.  I spent the day with them at Rose Briar Place out in OKC.... (one of my favorite cities)  It's strange, but even after five years, I can almost feel every emotion of the day.... the nerves, the laughter, the tears.  Anyway, Leslie and Mason, I hope you two have had an amazing five years and I hope your photos are still as important today, as they were when you first received them.

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Summer Portrait Special Who doesn't love a sale?  So for all of June and July you can take advantage of saving $100.00 off the normal price for a portrait session with the digital files vial digital download.  Normally $495, but for the next two months you can book your shoot for $395.  Your files will be delivered via digital download and you'll receive a print release allowing you to print your photos at the lab of your choice.  Give me a call at 870-425-7671 and let's get you on the calendar.  The session does not have to take place during June or July, but has to be booked during those months.  So book now, save now and have your session when you are ready.

Session fee is subject to Arkansas sale's tax and the fee is due at time of reserving your date.

Autumn outdoor familyMom, dad and son outdoors fall portrait Abby and Bryant on the farmBlack and White portrait of brother and sister outside on the farm. Jax, Ruby and HayesPortrait of kids and the family dog in the kitchen Contemporary Family in Black and WhiteMom, Dad and son with classic car portrait mom's kissportrait of mother and her kids on the bed. RomanceHusband and wife portrait with the wife's car. father by the windowPortrait of father and daughter by the window. Natural light.

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Marty & Lesa got hitched. A long time ago, in a small town in northeast Oklahoma, I knew a guy named Marty.  He was the son of our band director, and friend of my sister.  He and his brother, Alex, were always around.  They were just part of life in Kansas, OK... and they were always someone you could count on to help you get into trouble.  Not bad trouble, just typical 1980s fun.  Anyway, jump forward all these years and I found myself answering a phone call one night only to hear Marty on the other end.  He was getting married to a woman named Lesa and they wanted me to shoot the wedding.  What an honor.  Genuinely.  I don't know how to express how cool it was to be involved in this wedding.  

It was a great day spent with friends, many whom I had not seen in decades, with the wedding taking place in West Siloam Springs, OK and then back across the state line into Siloam Springs, AR for the reception.  Here are a couple of my favorite shots from their wedding day.

Oh, and Marty... I approve.  Lesa is amazing.  I hope you two have a lifetime of happiness.

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Jessica & David, 2nd anniversary! Two years ago... well, technically, two years ago, yesterday, David and Jessica got married.  I have known Jessica's family for a long time and have photographed several of the family members' senior portraits.... Jessica included.  It's always an honor to be included in the wedding of someone who I've known for so long.  

They were married at St. Peter's Catholic Church here in Mtn Home and then I joined them for the reception on Lake Norfork at what used to be Lydia's Weddings.  

Congratulation guys on two amazing years.  If I had a glass, I'd raise it in a toasting manner, but alas all I have at my desk is a cup of coffee. 

The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR The Wedding KissSt. Peter's Catholic Church Wedding Mountain Home, AR

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20% off remaining 2017 wedding dates That's right.  Twenty percent off all remaining 2017 wedding dates.  Be sure to call me and let's find out if your date is available.  Whether you're getting married locally, here in Mountain Home, in Fayetteville, Springfield, Little Rock, Tulsa or Memphis... or anywhere else... the discount applies.  

Be sure to share with your friends!

engagement photoengagement photoEngagement Photo on Lake Norfork, Mtn. Home, AR

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Goodbye Cotham's Back in 2012, I met up with Elizabeth and Guy to photograph their engagement session in Scott, AR.  Scott, just outside of Little Rock, is a small town, that for about 100 years has been home to Cotham's Mercantile.  Cotham's is famous for amazing Southern cooking and hamburgers that are loved by folks all over the state.  Last night, sadly, Cotham's was destroyed in a fire.  

Here's a link to Channel 4's coverage.

Elizabeth and Guy at Cotham's in Scott, AR


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