Mom With A Camera
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1. One on One, mini session $149

With this session I join you for a one hour shoot to help coach you while you photograph your kids.  This is for the person who has a general understanding of how their camera works, but feels as if he or she is missing something in the end result.  Perhaps helping you find better lighting, posing or backgrounds.


2. One on One, full session $249

With this four hour session, the client and I will spend some time getting to understand the functions of the camera body, in order to get them off Program mode or Automatic mode.   Afterwards, we will go into a portrait session with up to two children.  I'll be there to help direct the session while the client gets valuable hands-on experience under my guidance.


3. One on One, two day session $399

This class is designed around two four hour days.  Days do not have to be consecutive.  Many people find having some time between classes to be very beneficial.  During the first day we concentrate heavily on camera functions: white balance, shutter speed, ISO and f-stop.


4. Small Group, One Day Session $600 (up to three participants)

Some people find it easier to learn in a small group environment.  With the small group sessions, we will meet for three hours in the morning to discuss camera functions and familiarize the participants with their cameras controls.  After coming back together in the afternoon, after lunch, we will review the information that was covered in the morning and move into a couple hours of photographing the participants.


These classes are not designed, nor intended for, those who are currently in business as a working photographer.  Future classes may be available for those who need more intensive and indepth material.




Want tips?  Well, here you go. From time to time, I'll be posting tips that you can use when you go out to take photos.



  • Remember to check back for more tips!
  • Flat lighting is not flattering... it's just flattening.  Want your portraits to have more pop, spend some time learning how to light the subject in contrast to the background and foreground.
  • Proper focal length is vital for having flattering portraits.   Select a lens with too wide of a focal length and you'll distort your subject's features... and nobody wants that.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment.  It is OK if you try something and fail.  I cannot count the times I've gotten back to my computer and looked through the photographs and realized that what I had tried didn't turn out the way I had wanted.

    With the above in mind, always get the safe shot before you experiment.